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YouTube's Logo

YouTube’s Logo


YouTube is the largest video sharing site in the world and was created by 3 former Paypal employees in 2005 and bought by Google in 2006 for 1.65 Billion Dollars.


YouTube allows users to upload video content free of charge and start channels which other users can subscribe to. YouTube is primarily focused on user generated content, but now has media corporations also providing content through a partnership program. YouTube has approximately 800 Million unique users per month.


1) Users can upload unlimited unique content to their channels

2) Can find almost any event ever recorded in recent history

3) Funny pet videos


1) Saturated with advertisements

2) Recently integrated with Google+

3) Rebecca Black’s music video, Friday

Social Network Review:

YouTube is the dominant video sharing website, and as a subsidiary of Google, will hold its thrown for a long time to come.  YouTube successfully bridged the gap in media between internet and television, and helps make the online world more credible as a source of entertainment distribution.


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