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In 2016 I started using Facebook Live as a platform to talk about my political views which have always been that people with business experience should hypothetically be able to run a government better than politicians who have no financial experience whatsoever.  When Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for President, I never thought he would make it past the primaries, but I wanted to support the one person who was running in the primaries who actually had business experience.  The majority of my peers are millenials who were born in the United States who live pretty entitled lives, so they pretty much all supported Bernie Sanders for President.  Since I have lived in various countries around the world and have a multi cultural group of business associated, acquaintances, family and friends, I am typically the only one of my peers who has first hand knowledge and perspective of the damage the socialism does to the countries where the people give up all their freedom and power to the government in hopes of the government taking care of them.  Venezuela, Greece, and so many other countries will show you what a disaster socialism is, but sheltered Americans tend to not be able to think outside whatever propaganda the media is force feeding them.  As I did more and more video blogs on Facebook Live supporting Trump, I started getting a lot of virality and attention on the topic and realized the narrative the media was perpetuating about Donald Trump not being popular was completely “Fake News.”

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As my Facebook Live Vlog began to grow by thousands of followers per week, I was contacted by CBS News Chicago to give commentary on Donald Trump’s rally that was to be held in Chicago at the UIC Pavilion.  I was planning on attending and covering the event live.  The first interview with CBS was with Brad Edwards in May of 2016 and aired locally on CBS News Chicago.  Here is a link to the clip:

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Vito Glazers interview about Donald Trump with Brad Edwards – CBS News Chicago


A year went by, Donald Trump secured the Republication nomination, then was elected President.  My audience on the live streams continued to grow.  In January of 2017, I was contacted by a producer from CBS who asked me if I was interested in helping them with a story they were doing on Trump’s controversial Immigration Ban.  It seemed like although Trump had a lot of supporters, enough to win the presidency, that none wanted to publicly support him and the policies they voted for.  This was probably out of fear of retaliation from liberals.  I was excited and grateful to support the President I voted for and agreed to come in to do the interview.  I was surprised how fair and balanced Dean Reynolds was.  Mr. Reynolds was the award winning journalist who conducted the interview.  In my opinion, CBS did an excellent job representing both sides of the debate.  Below is a link to the full interview:

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To my surprise, I began receiving phone calls from friends all over the country.  I originally thought the news piece was only going to air locally, but apparently it was used as a piece on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley which airs nationwide.  I began receiving many positive tweets and social media messages from Trump supporters applauding the courage it took to go on television and support our President, and also began receiving many negative, trolling and threatening tweets and messages from liberals.  The link was posted on the front page of the CBS News website and was a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter.  I am grateful for all the support from family and friends and to CBS for the opportunity to comment on the work President Trump is doing for America.

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