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Vine's Logo

Vine’s Logo


The Vine app made its first appearance in early 2013 exclusive for Apple’s iOS and later on Android as well.  It was purchased by Twitter for 30 Million Dollars and was the dominant video sharing app as well as the most downloaded free app in the iOS App Store in 2013.


The point of Vine is to make and edit short 6 second looping videos with sound. Users share them with their followers on their Vine timeline and can also share the videos to other social networks directly from the app.


1) Simple

2) Fun

3) Unique


1) 6 seconds is a short amount of time for a video

2)  No ability to edit uploaded content

3) Lack of filters and features

Social Network Review:

Vine was an innovative concept and social network that brought video sharing at a time when Instagram had only given users photos.  Instagram has now implemented a more advanced and feature rich video sharing platform.

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