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Soundcloud's Logo

Soundcloud’s Logo


Soundcloud was started in Sweden but was later established in Berlin in late 2007.  It is a social network that allows users to not only connect, like content, share and message with other users, but uniquely allows users to upload and record original audio productions and host them on a unique URL. It was started with the intention of giving musicians an alternative to distributing their music on Myspace.


Soundcloud is the perfect social network for uploading or recording podcasts or original music.  Users can make playlists, stream music and connect with other users who share similar musical interests.  Soundcloud also allows users to use hashtags to categorize and share uploads.


1) Very easy for any user to upload and share their music or podcast from a unique URL

2) Lot’s of original music available for download

3) Easy to make playlists on the fly


1) Hard to find original versions of popular songs due to copyright issues

2) Each new user is limited to a certain amount of uploads before they have to upgrade to a “pro” account

3) Occasionally has backlogging issues

Social Network Review:

Soundcloud is one of the best social networks as it connects users over music, a very strong common bond.  It also has all the same functionality as regular social networks including the ability to Like, Follow, Private Message, Repost (their version of Retweet) and Share. There are a lot of very talented artists producing great music and distributing it on Soundcloud by streaming songs and sometimes making them available for download.  Hashtags and a Trending section help users connect with new artists.

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