Vito Glazers


These are memes (images) of Vito Glazers from various sources between 2010-2017 (current).  For more information on Vito Glazers visit the official homepage at to learn more.

vito glazers ftc better busy than broke

“Better Busy Than Broke” – Vito Glazers (2013)

vito glazers, love, art

To Vito Love Vito (remake of To Kanye Love Kanye meme)


Vito Glazers 2 million dollar net worth mystery millionaire chicago

“Workers love Fridays, Bosses love Mondays” – Vito Glazers (2012)

Vito Glazers Net Worth

“I always lay low before I come up” – Vito Glazers (2014)

vito glazers mystery millionaire

Brittany: “Wait, are you drunk?” Vito: “Please, off twelve drinks?” (2014)

vito glazers chief executive officer cpatank chicago illinois 2012

“You can never dress too well, or work too hard” – Vito Glazers (2012)

vito glazers toasting after winning ryan eagle lawsuit

“Champagne, because no great weekend starts with milk” – Vito Glazers (2014)

vito glazers rolls royce

“Sales people make friends, Closers make money” – Vito Glazers (2014)

Mystery Millionaire Vito Glazers WE TV

“It’s not your fault if you’re born broke, only if you die that way” – Vito Glazers (2014)

vito glazers and president george w bush

President George W. Bush and Vito Glazers “GOT BUSH” meme (2011)

Vito Glazers Mancow meme

“I don’t drink anymore, But I’m not drinking any less” – Vito Glazers (2014)

Vito Glazers Huffington Post business meme

“Ideas are only as good as the people and money behind them” – Vito Glazers (2015)


vito glazers porsche panamera

“Imitation is flattering” – Vito Glazers (2014)

vito glazers net worth meme

“God Bless America” – Vito Glazers July 4th 2010

vito glazers huffington post business meme

“Your net worth is your network” – Vito Glazers (2015)

vito glazers cpatank business meme

“Never Settle” – Vito Glazers (2015)

vito glazers hollywood meme

“Never sold out, I bought in” – Vito Glazers (2014)

vito glazers gucci

“Normal is boring” – Vito Glazers (2014)

vito glazers ryan eagle vito glazers ftc bentley

“Opportunity should never control your loyalty” – Vito Glazers (2013)

vito glazers actor 2014

“Outer space, Inner peace” – Vito Glazers (2014)

vito glazers mystery millionaire

Meme mashup of Vito Glazers on Mystery Millionaire and Mancow TV

vito glazers business meme image

“May your coffee be strong, and your Monday be profitable” – Vito Glazers (2014)

vito glazers mancow

“If you don’t take risks, you will always work for someone who does” – Vito Glazers on Mancow (2014)

vito glazers image 2011-2015

“Think it, write it, achieve it” – Vito Glazers (2011)

2014 image of vito glazers on mystery millionaire with Nicky Bernall

Vito: “I could buy my own trapeze school just to shut it down” Nicky: “Thought you said you were broke?” – on WE TV’s Mystery Millionaire 2014

vito glazers life image 2014

“Take control of your life, before it controls you” – Vito Glazers (2014)

vito glazers doesn't care what he said or she said about his net worth in 2015

“Two things I don’t care about, 1) what he said 2) what she said” – Vito Glazers (2015)


mystery millionaire net worth

“Would rather have late nights than late bills” – Vito Glazers 2015


vito glazers mystery millionaire

Never Sold Out, I Bought In (2015)

vito glazers meme

“Some people spend so much time chasing everything, they end up with nothing” 2016


vito glazers image

“All that we are is a result of our thoughts” (2017)


vito glazers hard work meme images

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – Vito Glazers 2017