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LinkedIn's Logo

LinkedIn’s Logo


LinkedIn is the social media network for business people and professionals. It was launched in 2003 and by 2006 had already gained over 20 million views. LinkedIn boasts over 250 million users in 200 countries and is translated in over 20 languages.


LinkedIn revolutionized the job market for business professionals by creating a social network around people’s resumes and presenting a more professional alternative to social media than Facebook or Myspace. LinkedIn allows users to ask for and post Recommendations, which serve as digital reference letters. It also allows users to be Endorsed by their peers for various skill sets. One unique feature of LinkedIn is that users can see and track who has viewed their profile.


1) Much more professional network

2) Cannot add or be added by random people, must have a connection or valid Email address to confirm relationship

3) Credible social network for those seeking to employee or be employed


1) They are attempting to switch to paid model, some features only available with subscription

2) The site has contextual and banner ads on every page of the site

3) Difficult to disconnect from someone.  Only option is to block them.

Social Network Review:

LinkedIn is a great and essential social network that brings a lot of value to modern business professionals. The site is not only a great social network of professionals, but also serves as a living resume for all those who use it.  In addition to just listing achievements and past positions, LinkedIn gives users a unique opportunity to prove their quality of work by requesting endorsements from fellow professionals. It also has a lot of traffic and a self serve advertising platform which can be used creatively to generate B2B leads as well as find employees or employment.


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