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Google+ Logo


Google+ is Google’s attempt at launching a social network.


Google+ gives users the ability to add and follow each other in ‘Circles’ which basically allows you to predetermine which groups of people will see certain content that you are posting. Aside from Circles, another unique feature of Google+ is the Hangouts feature, which allows users to set up and schedule group video chats with members of Circles.


1) Circles allow you to post all your content to one social network, while connections are limited to seeing content based on the Circle you have preassigned them to.

2) Hangouts allow you to use video and voice capability to set up group chats with connections

3) Google+ is free of advertisements


1) Even though anybody with a Gmail has been forced into making a Google+ account, not many people are very active on them

2) It scans your emails for contacts, so it will suggest you connections that you email with frequently regardless of their affiliate to you

3) It is not as good as Facebook as a primary social network

Social Network Review:

The only reason to really use Google+ is for the hangouts.  If you are trying to do a presentation to a group of individuals, or connect with a large group of friends, family or associates through a social network, this is a nice feature assuming they already have Google+ accounts as well. Since they are connected to users Gmail accounts, people will have no choice to at least continue acknowledging this social network for many years to come.


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