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Actors Cole Crawford and Vito Glazers star in Heroin Chic Music Video by The Silk Demise

The Silk Demise is a Toronto based group of Canadian producers and musicians who create chilled out, electronic, trip-hop music.   One of their most popular songs is their 2009 jam, Heroin Chic.  Director Joseph Graziani of Joe and Joe media in Chicago is a fan of their music and licensed several of their songs for use in his web series Cafe Kremlin.

heroin chic, silk demise, vito glazers, cole crawford

Heroin Chic Music Video by The Silk Demise

Graziani was a fan of the song and wanted to execute his vision for a music video for it.  One of his directorial goals for this video was to film it all in one single shot with no cuts.  This is a challenging task that involves significant coordination and choreography even for the most experienced directors.  He contracted actors Cole Crawford and Vito Glazers to star in the music video and bring his idea to life.

vito glazers, cole crawford, silk demise, heroin chic

Vito Glazers and Cole Crawford in Heroin Chic

After carefully considering the concept for the video, the director chose to work with Vito Glazers because they had history together from working on Cafe Kremlin, and also because Graziani had helped direct the weekly webcast Tuesday Topics which Glazers hosted.  Graziani wanted to keep the cast for the video simple, keeping it to two characters, The Addict, played by Cole Crawford, and Addiction, played by Vito Glazers.

vito glazers, cole crawford, the silk demise

Cole Crawford as The Addict, Vito Glazers as Addiction

After the video was completed and released by The Silk Demise, Vito Glazers shared the video with his audience of more than 80,000 subscribers on Facebook and used his involvement in this project as an opportunity to make a public service announcement to bring awareness to the heroin and drug epidemic plaguing America, memorializing more than 60 individuals who passed away from heroin overdoses in a 24 hour period the same day the music video was released.

cole crawford, silk demise, heroin chic

Cole Crawford as The Addict in Heroin Chic

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